What do you need to grow your online training business?




The biggest struggle trainers have with building their online training programs, attracting remote fitness clients, and maintaining communication is having quality videos that provide exercise technique and coaching instruction. 


Trainers usually spend hours searching YouTube trying to find exercise videos to include in their training programs, but never find exactly what they are looking for OR find videos that need permission from the owner to be used. 


This is where the new MBT Exercise Database comes in!


The ultimate currency is time and the GREATEST return on investment is the use of a database in your programming process. The database will transform your online training business by drastically allowing you to scale your services, improve your communication with clients, and allow you to teach proper technique from afar.


Over the past five years, I have recorded hundreds of exercise coaching videos for my remote training clients. These videos ensured communication and proper instruction of exercise technique for my clients and athletes and have allowed me to scale my services to a level I never thought possible.


I have complied all of these exercise videos into ONE spot and today, I want to share that with you. You will now be able to guarantee your fitness clients and athletes the best exercise coaching videos in their training programs!

The NEW MBT Exercise Database 3.0

How the Database will solve your problems:

Personal Trainers

The landscape of fitness is changing. You can now train fitness clients anywhere and anytime via online services. 

HOWEVER, the greatest struggle with online training is being limited with the number of clients you can take on because writing programs is SO time consuming. 

The Exercise Database will drastically cut your programming time in half which will allow you to scale your services and add value.  

“I did not expect to be at the point I am at within the first year of operation and the Database has been a huge reason why.”- Kyle, ED 2.0 User

Strength & Conditioning and Performance Coaches

Typically you have to write training programs for a large number of athletes, especially during the summer months when they go back home. 

Do you have the many, many hours programming requires on top of your other responsibilities?

What happens when you are working with new athletes and they do not know what a 'Front Squat' is?

How can you make sure that your athletes have the information they need to succeed?

The answer is having an Exercise Database that provides coaching tutorial videos, so they can learn from a distance and be better equipped to reach their goals without injury. 

“I have to program for 65-70 athletes every week…[the Database] has saved me a tremendous amount of time"-Kyle P., Performance Coach

Physical Therapists 

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all of the follow-up and recap emails you have to send?

THEN, on top of that, you have to respond to all of the emails you get back when patients forget how to do the exercises you assigned.

Imagine all of the time and headaches you would save with a Database to send instructional videos for those exercises!

Imagine how happy your patients would be for this extra value!

"Now, I know that every exercise that I send out is going to be the correct form and view to best help my patients move forward."- Erik K., DPT

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Over 975 filmed exercise videos that will save you massive amounts of time and effort trying to find videos and create an exercise library for your clients, patients, and athletes.
  • Full permission to use the private links in your own training programs, so your clients will never scratch their heads with confusion after watching an exercise description. 
  • HUNDREDS of unique variations within every exercise category domains that you will literally not find anywhere else.
  • Each exercise and position category ALSO comes with FULL COACHING TUTORIALS for YOU. I have included full exercise category teaching videos to show you the biggest points to emphasize in your programming!

What’s NEW with the 3.0 Edition?

The NEW 3.0 edition includes the following 6 ADDITIONAL exercise categories: 

  1. Non-Barbell Olympic Lifts
  2. Drop & Catch drills for athleticism
  3. Dynamic Contrast Pairing Progressions
  4. At-home Exercises
  5. Propulsive Steps for Speed/Acceleration 
  6. AND Short Duration Repeatable Interval Options
  • PLUS an expanded Medicine Ball Throw section
  • Over 400 MORE exercises (almost double the 2.0 edition)
  • More Programming Tips
  • BONUS NEW Programming Template to Plug & Play using the Database

Learn how the MBT Exercise Database has changed AMP Performance Rehab:

AMP Performance Rehab (NJ) was able to do the following with the Exercise Database:

  1. Saved them hiring a new staff member to write programs because it was taking them hours without quality, informative videos!
    “Because of the Database, I also did not end up taking on the expense of hiring someone to tackle all of my programming. The Database, honestly, pays for itself ten-fold on the amount of time you save.”
  2. Allowed them to scale their online business
    “As a business owner, time is the most valuable resource that I have...I have saved an incredible amount of time programming, which has been invaluable to me and has allowed me to focus on things that I care about, such as helping patients and fitness clients reach their goals, as well as, growing my business.”
  3. Made it easy to just click on the link, copy, and paste into patient and client follow-up and recap emails for each session for an added value.
    “The Exercise Database has been a game changer in my physical therapy practice!”

Coaching clients and athletes from afar can have difficult challenges....

  • Making sure they know what they should be doing
  • Making sure they execute the exercises correctly
  • Making sure you have exercises that provide positive outcomes
  • Providing a valuable service
  • Scaling those services

However, the Exercise Database will SOLVE THOSE CHALLENGES

“I transitioned hard, like most people, towards remote programming for our rehab and training clients during the pandemic. I would spend hours trying to find the right exercise variations on YouTube...Since I have been using the Database, I have saved an incredible amount of time programming...allowed me to helping patients and fitness clients reach their goals” - Shaun, owner of AMP Performance Rehab

Take it from AMP Performance Rehab!

Get Help from the Database today!

Hear it directly from Business Founder and Physical Therapists Shaun & Monica at AMP Performance Rehab!

What are fitness professionals saying about the Exercise Database?

Lucy Hendricks

Co-Owner, Enhancing Life 

There are not many people in the fitness industry that dedicate their time to master the art of coaching. Michelle Boland is one of the few that I know who has dedicated the time and money that it takes to be an expert at coaching movement. Her exercise library doesn’t just show you what the exercises look like, it shows you HOW to coach it, which is a huge missing component in most products out there. If you’re serious about becoming a better coach, you have to get her product!

Sean Light

PRT, RSCC, LMT, CEO of 4AHealth, Former LA Lakers & Arizona Diamondbacks Strength Coach 

This is without a doubt the best exercise database that you will find on the planet. There is a TON of creativity and variety in these pages as well as a rock solid foundation in human movement. Michelle is a titan in our industry and these pages prove why.

Dr. Pat Davidson

PhD, Author of MASS and MASS II 

Michelle Boland is amongst the elite in terms of biomechanics education, and her ability to apply concepts into exercises has established her as one of the go to people in the country for fitness professionals and performance coaches. This database is a gold mine for coaches who care about executing movements for athletes that can legitimately impact sports performance and health.

Kyle Dobbs

Director of Trainer Development & Co-Owner at Rebel Performance  

Michelle is setting the curve with this library, this is a must have tool for any high level coach!

Learn how the MBT Exercise Database is used to create a common language at Peak Fitness & Sports Training:


“In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical as I thought it would just be a list of exercises and videos. I thought, why can't I just do that myself? But the reality is that your coaches, clients, and even you are out there on YouTube and Instagram seeing all kinds of new methods and new training exercises and wondering, how does this all fit together?

Especially when there is confusing language between coaches and your clients.

We have come back as a team, here at Peak Fitness & Sports Training (KY), to this Database over and over again. It gives us great clarity in terms of the language, where these exercises fit in regards to a specific exercise category, what training adaptation they drive, how we want to use it in an overall programming model, AND it comes with coaching cues and insight that maybe we haven't thought about as a team.

It has allowed us to sharpen the saw, plus it is from someone who I know, like, and trust so I am okay sending those videos to my clients. When I send the videos to my clients, I say ‘use this to learn exactly what technique we are looking for' and to learn some of the coaching cues. Then when they come in, they’re ready and it makes it much easier for us to get results.

The Database has been so valuable and I promise you that you will use it and reference it time and time again.

Get it today and stop trying to reinvent the wheel, stop confusing your clients, and start creating clarity and results for your coaches, clients, and for your team. It is a slam dunk”
-Ryan Patrick, Owner of Peak Fitness & Sports Training

Take it from Peak Fitness & Sports Training!

Get Help from the Database today!

Hear it directly from Business Owner and Performance Coach Ryan Patrick!

Remote Fitness Coaches, Physical Therapists, and Performance Professionals CAN'T stop talking about it...



Here’s What’s Included:

  • Over 975 private exercise video hyperlinks and permission to embed the videos in your remote training programs 
  • Hundreds of variations for 8 main exercise categories
  • Instructional videos for 9 position categories
  • Three teaching videos focused on linking skills and cues
  • Accessory and isolation exercises incorporating positional categories
  • Themed conditioning circuits incorporating different stances
  • Full coaching tutorial videos for each exercise and position category
  • Speed, change of direction, propulsive steps, and acceleration drills for small spaces
  • Medicine ball throw variations, non-barbell olympic lifts, drop & catch drills for athleticism, dynamic contrast pairings progressions, at-home exercises, and short duration repeatable interval options
  • Bilateral, split stance, lateral stance, and single leg Jumping exercises and plyometric drills

How to use it:

  • Copy and paste the hyperlinks into your training programs
  • Send your clients full coaching tutorial video when you want them to learn a new exercise
  • Send your clients brief technique videos when you want to show them a variation
  • Provide full coaching videos for a positional category to help teach your client how to incorporate that position into exercises you prescribe. For example, send your client the Tall Kneeling position full coaching tutorial video, so they can learn how to best execute the Tall Kneeling Bicep Curl exercise you prescribe.
  • Use the exercise database to build your training programs to ensure quality communication and proper exercise technique execution from your remote training clients

What are MORE people saying about the Exercise Database?


ED 2.0 User

Michelle's database is organized and the exercise tutorials are very helpful. I have primarily worked alone during my training career so my only wish is that I had discovered Michelle earlier on. The database has helped me with exercise selection, and coaching cues for not only myself but for my clients. This has helped me grow my own confidence in coaching and building better programs for my in-person and online clients.


ED 1.0 User

I bought it. I programmed with it. Just the education as a coach alone was insane. I wanted to learn more movements, get a look at what’s possible, and how the movements are properly done. I definitely got what I was looking for! I am expanding my knowledge, but at the same time its useful in my programming. It was exactly what I needed, at the right time.  I truly hate the process of filming, so knowing I can get all of the exercise videos I need in one place is crazy! It has allowed my to service more people and cut down on programming time. Huge value!


ED 2.0 User

I've saved countless hours of surfing Youtube for decent videos because of your database. One of the best purchases I've made.


Exercise Database 3.0 

  • Includes FULL Tutorial coaching videos, voiceover coaching videos, and brief technique videos.
  • Downloadable PDF with over 975 exercise video hyperlinks.
  • An additional Downloadable Excel document to make embedding videos in your training programs easy and quick
  • The 3.0 almost doubles the previous version of the 2.0 in exercise variation videos and includes 6 completely NEW exercise categories

Three Month Payment Plan 

I never want finances to be a barrier for resources, so you also have the option for a 3 month payment plan subscription.


What is included in the NEW Exercise Database 3.0?

  • Three Teaching Videos covering the strategy and execution of several exercises while using cues to link techniques for improved learning

  • The Full Position Coaching TUTORIALS include the following 9 position categories:
    • Supine, Prone (Prone Crawling Variations: Bonus), Seated, Sidelying, Tall Kneeling, Half Kneeling, Bilateral Standing, Front to Back Staggered Stance, and Lateral Staggered Stance Positions.

  • The Full Exercise Coaching TUTORIALS include the following 14 exercise categories:
    • Knee Dominant Bilateral, Knee Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance: Split Squat Variations, Knee Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance: Lunge Variations, Knee Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance: Single Leg Squat Variations, Knee Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance: Step-Up Variations, Knee Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance: Sled Variations, Hip Dominant Bilateral, Hip Dominant Unilateral and Staggered Stance, Horizontal Pull, Horizontal Push, Vertical Pull, Vertical Push, Chop & Lift Variations, and Isolation Exercises Incorporating Positions.
  • The NEW 3.0 includes the following 6 ADDITIONAL categories:
    • Non-Barbell Olympic Lifts, Drop & Catch drills for athleticism, Dynamic Contrast Pairings Progressions, At-home exercises, Propulsive Steps for Speed/Acceleration, AND Short Duration Repeatable Interval Options
    • PLUS an expanded Medicine Ball Throw section

Complete Return On Your Investment!

The use of this exercise database will allow you to get a complete return on your investment by providing your remote clients with quality exercise coaching videos to help you improve communication with remote clients.

Quality exercise instruction from afar will help you attract more remote clients, retain clients, and get more referrals when your remote clients do not have to guess what an exercise is on their training program. 

No asking for permission! You will not have to worry about stealing someone else’s videos! You will have my full permission to use these private videos in your remote training programs.

Check out some sample videos:

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